Why I am getting red DNS checkmark?

The DNS checkmark in your Unlcoator account detects whether your device is accepting our DNS or not. Below are suggestions that you can try in order to get a green DNS checkmark:

Always remember that you can contact support if you need further help.

Check your DNS entries if they're correct.
If your internet connection supports IPv6, your network may ignore IPv4 DNS settings in favor of IPv6 which in turn breaks our service. You need to turn IPv6 off on your router level if that is the case. To check if your internet supports IPv6, please click here On newer OSX versions, you need to set the Configure IPv6 option to Link-local only.
Disable Adblocker browser extensions. Please visit your browser's extensions in the browser's options to do that.
If you have an iOS or macOS device, your problem might be that the Private Key Relay is enabled on your iCloud. To disable it, please follow the steps mentioned in this guide on How to disable Private Key Relay
If you're using the Firefox or Chrome browsers, disable Use secure DNS and  DNS over HTTPS in connection settings. You can refer to the following article for further assistance How to disable DNS over HTTPs on Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
On Chrome:
Go to   chrome://settings/security
On Firefox:
Disable Antivirus Softwares (Some Antivirus Softwares like AVG or Norton prevent the DNS/VPN from doing its job). Please look-up this article on How to disable AVG Web Shield
Avast Antivirus 2015 has introduced a new feature against DNS hijacking, which forces all DNS lookups through Avast DNS servers. Ironically this is basically DNS hijacking and breaks access to the Unlocator DNS servers. In order to get around this problem, you have to disable the Secure DNS feature in Avast. Please look-up more info on Avast Real Site here
Disable any other VPN services running on your device.
Clear your browser cache. Please refer to the guide following for more info regarding this case:  How to clear browser cache.
Check the list of ISPs that are known for DNS hijacking. You can check the article below List of ISPs that don't work with Unlocator DNS. Alternatively, you can use the SmartVPN to bypass the DNS highjacking.
Parental Control
Some routers have parental control features. Essentially the router will force the use of other DNS servers regardless of you have set up Unlocator DNS on your router or PC. Disable the parental controls on the router.
You are Using a D-link Router?
Some D-link routers have an option under Setup/Network Settings called enable DNS relay. Please make sure that this option is not enabled. The same goes for unicasting if you have this feature. Also please un-link the router from the myDlink service as this service will bypass and DNS settings you make.
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