List of Internet Providers That do Not Work With Unlocator Smart DNS


Please keep in mind that the list on this page is related to Unlocator Smart DNS only. Unlocator VPN will work with any internet provider. In fact, we recommend using Unlocator VPN if your internet provider prevents you from using Smart DNS

Although Unlocator can be used in just about any location, there is a range of Internet Providers around the world that either perform censorship or use a network structure, which breaks access to our service. 

DNS Hijacking

The ISP intercepts DNS requests and forces them through their own DNS servers. As a result, you will be unable to get 3 green check marks in your account. Instead of using the regular DNS you should use the Smart VPN feature found in your account.

Transparent Proxies

The ISP routes traffic through a transparent proxy. The IP added to your account differs from the IP making the requests to our servers. If your ISP is using a transparent proxy you won't be able to use Unlocator unless your ISP will route you outside the transparent proxy.


  • Xplornet satellite


  • Cablecolor S.A (European sites will work with our service)


  • BSNL
  • TATA


  • PT Telkom (transparent proxy)


  • Vodafone. However, if you are using one of the new modems please try this info from a fellow Italian Unlocator user. "The problems with Vodafone comes from the default configuration of the modem they provide you: by default the connection uses secure DNS that prevent the Unlocator to run as it should. You can’t find this option on the settings if accessing it by a pc. The only way is to download on your smartphone the app Vodafone station (it can be easily found in the Google Play store or in the Apple store), go to Settings> Internet settings and then deactivate the option Secure DNS (in Italian the path is: Impostazioni> Impostazioni Internet)"


  • Virtual ISP


  • Cablevisión


  • Subisu CableNet

New Zealand

  • Vodafone (you can use Unlocator if you have a static IP) 
  • Telecom
  • TelstraClear


  • M1
  • SingTel 
  • StarHub Cable Vision

South Africa

  • Telkom SA Limited


  • SKYdsl
  • Vodafone


  • True ISP 


  • Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
  • DU


  • Sky Broadband


  • Vodafone


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