How to Share a VPN Connection from your Mac

To share your VPN connection from a Mac, you need to manually set up Unlocator VPN with an IKEv2 protocol or an L2TP protocol

You can also use this set up to share a Smart VPN connection.

After setting up Unlocator VPN on your device and connecting to a VPN server of your choosing, you need to connect your Mac to the internet using an Ethernet cable, without turning off Wi-Fi.

Go to System Preferences > Sharing
click on  Internet Sharing without checking the box.
Next to " Share your connection from", select the VPN connection you created.
Next to " To computers using", check the box for  Wi-Fi
Now check the box next to " Internet Sharing"
Click " Start" when the confirmation window pops up

Once your network is successfully set up, the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner of your screen will look a it does in the image below:
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