How to Remove Unlocator

If you wish to stop using Unlocator on your device(s) you need to make sure they are no longer using our DNS. Basically you need to reverse the setup process used when you began using our service. Instead of inputting our DNS you need to remove it. In some instances you need to set a different DNS or set your device to automatically obtain DNS numbers. These will then come from your ISP.

To start the process visit the setup page and identify the guide you used to configure your device with Unlocator in the first place.

Then follow the guide up until the point were you are asked to input our DNS. Now instead you remove our DNS. You can input instead, which is the public DNS from Google, which works very well worldwide. Alternatively set your device to automatic DNS or auto obtain if you have such an option.

Here are a couple of examples

  • On Windows you set the computer to Obtain DNS servers addresses Automatically
  • On OS X and IOS devices you delete your DNS completely
  • On an Apple TV you set it to automatic DNS
  • On most gaming consoles you set it auto obtain DNS as well

Always remember to restart your device AND router afterwards. That is regardless if you have configured your router in the first place. This is to ensure that any DNS cache has been cleared out.

If you are still reaching the Unlocator error page you need to verify the removal once again. You will under no circumstances reach the Unlocator error page if you have removed our DNS from your system correctly.

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