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How to Setup Android


There are a lot of implementations of Android in the market. That is why each device might have a different way of changing DNS settings. Below are guides for standard setup on Android 2.x and Android 4.x

Changing DNS on Android 2.x

  1. Find Settings
  2. Select Wireless and Networks
  3. Then choose Wi-Fi Settings
  4. In the Menu go to Advanced
  5. Select Use static IP
  6. Copy or write down your current IP address, which you can see directly above the IP address field
  7. Set your Gateway to the IP of your router. Normally the router address is the same of your current IP but with a 1 at the end. As an example if your IP is then your router is
  8. Set the Netmask to 
  9. Input the Unlocator DNS servers: & Secondary Server
  10. Go to Menu > Save
  11. Restart your device

Changing DNS on Android 4.x

  1. Find Settings
  2. Choose Wi-Fi by actually pressing Wi-F
  3. Press and hold your network and a window will open up
  4. Choose Modify Network
  5. Check the Show advanced options checkbox at the bottom of the screen
  6. Set IP settings to Static
  7. Simply keep your IP address, Gateway and Network prefix length the same
  8. Input the Unlocator DNS servers: & Secondary Server
  9. Press Save
  10. Restart your device

Changing DNS on Android 5.x

1. Find Settings.
3. Select Wi-Fi settings.
4. Tap and hold the network you want to connect to until a box appears.
5. Select Modify Network.
6. Tap the checkbox next to Show Advanced Options.
8. Manually enter your IP address, Gateway, Subnet/Network Prefix Length, using the same values you see in gray. Otherwise, you will not be able to save your settings.
11. Input the Unlocator DNS servers: & Secondary Server
12.Tap Save.
13. Restart your device


First step of troubleshooting should always be to restart device(s) and router. Then check your account status in your account home. You should always see 3 green check marks if the device you are using to visit the account home is set up correctly.

What is Unlocator?

Unlocator is a DNS service, which allows you to safely browse the Internet without borders. No speed loss and best of all you can try it for free – no credit card needed.

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Before You Contact Support

  1. Verify that your device or connected router is using Unlocator.
  2. Restart device and router.
  3. Check your account status from a computer or device that is connected to Unlocator by visiting your account home.
  4. If the above steps don’t work please contact support describing your issue and steps taken to fix it.
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How to Format an IP Address

Some devices require you to use 3 digits pr. decimal when setting a DNS. You can format our DNS in the following ways:

Why are there not more server options?
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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