Why am I getting “Sorry, we do not allow new signups from your IP anymore” when I try to sign up?

Our DNS servers have to use each user's IP address for identification. If more than one user has the same IP then problems might arise. As a result, we can only allow one user account pr. IP.

But why is my IP already taken you say? Well in some instances you are connected to the Internet from the same IP as other users. Perhaps you are connecting from an Internet connection provided by a building/apartment complex, dorm, work, etc. Another possibility is that your Internet provider is rotating IPs between users and the previous user who had your IP already created an account.

You might also want to check if your wireless connection is properly secured and not open to public use. 

Unfortunately, you will be unable to use our service if another user has already occupied your current IP. 

What can I do?

If you have your own connection with a router please try a restart of your router and see if you will get a new IP address. You can see your current IP here  whatsmyip.org. Alternatively, contact your administrator/ISP and ask for a release of a new IP address. 

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