How to Change Region on a F-Series Samsung Smart TV

A smart TV will have different apps available depending on what market it is sold in. TVS sold outside North America are often unable to switch region to the USA. Some apps are locked down to serial numbers of the TV model and as this limitation is based on hardware it can’t be unlocked.

That said - changing the region to one of the following should provide access to the most popular app on most TVS: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Please be aware that Unlocator does not provide support for region changing. Your TV will be reset to factory standard if you change the region.

Select TV as source
Press Menu on the remote
Select System
Select Setup (If you are unable to enter Setup go to Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset)
Continue the set up – you previous information will be available
Stop the setup when you come to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page
Press the following sequence on your remote
Select the country you wish to receive apps from. Good choices are USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Once you have selected the country let the setup complete


If you are using a Blu Ray player you can use the above sequence as well. However, you must press it from the home screen and there has to be no disc in the player.

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