How to Set Up Android TV to use Smart DNS

The Android TV OS is widely adopted by numerous smart TV brands, making it one of the most utilized TV operating systems. Some of these brands are Hisense, Hitachi, LG, JVC, Toshiba, Sony and many more.

Go to Settings
Click on Network & Internet
Choose your Wifi Network
Click on IP Settings
Select Static
Keep the IP address as it is and click on Next
Same thing goes for the Gateaway
Same things also goes for the Network Prefix Length
Now regarding the DNS configuration, set your DNS 1 to And your DNS 2 to
Then click on Next and Restart your device.

Always remember to verify that your IP is up to date in the account home. Remember that the DNS check in the account home only reflects the device you are currently using to visit the page. So if you have only configured your TV then don't worry about the DNS check. The IP checkmark should be green though if you visit from the same Internet connection as your TV.

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