How to install Unlocator VPN app on Fire TV devices

    To install the Unlocator VPN app on your Fire TV, please follow these steps:

    Power up your Fire TV and navigate to the "Search" icon next to "Home", after that, type "Unlocator VPN" using the key layout
    You will find the "Unlocator VPN" app in the "Apps and Games" category.
    Please click on it in order to proceed.
    In the Amazon Store, click on "Get" in order to download the Unlocator VPN app, then click on "Open" to open it.
    Now, enter your account email and password, and click on "Log in"
    Once logged in, press on the server name area to choose a server from the servers list
    Finally, press on the Connect/Disconnect button
    Now you are connected!
    You can disconnect by clicking again on the same button.
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