What is Unlocator Shield and Kill Switch

The purpose of the VPN is to remain anonymous and safe from attackers and Information detection systems while surfing the web. However, unpredictable sudden drops of VPN connections may happen, which will expose your traffic to attackers or the service that you are trying to bypass.

You can find these two features in the Unlocator VPN app on both Windows and Mac platforms.

We try our best to ensure that your connection is protected at all times, therefore, we have introduced the Unlocator Shield and Kill Switch. Please read the following description to better understand these functionalities.

Unlocator Shield

The Unlocator Sheild feature is crafted to shut down internet access while you are disconnected from our VPN. In other terms, you will get access to the Internet only while using Unlocator VPN.

The purpose of the Unlocator Shield is to ensure that all your Internet traffic is encrypted and private all the time by surfing anonymously through Unlocator servers only.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is designed to protect you from unpredictable sudden drops of VPN, in other words, if you are connected to a VPN server, and for some reason, the VPN connection is lost without you manually closing it, our VPN app is permitted by the Kill Switch to disable your Internet until you connect to our VPN again or intentionally closing the Unlocator app.

This feature will help you stay anonymous even if your VPN connection drops.

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