How to Pause your Subscription

If for some reason you find that you will not be using your Unlocator subscription for a while, you can pause it and set it to resume after a few weeks, months or even a year.

Follow these steps to pause your Unlocator subscription:

First of all, log in to your Unlocator account on our website and navigate to the billing section.
Under the Cancel Column, click on the red X.
Now, use the slider in the popup box that appears to determine for how long you wish to pause your Unlocator subscription. The default duration is one week. You can pause the subscription for up to one year though.
Next, click on "Pause Subscription". Once your subscription is successfully paused, you will be presented with this message.
In case you realize that you need your Unlocator subscription sooner than expected, simply head back to the Billing section.
From there, click on "Resume Subscription"
Once the process has been completed, you will be presented with the following message.
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