How To Set Up Unlocator VPN "IPsec" Manually on iOS Devices

First, find your UnlocatorVPN account credentials

In order to set up a manual VPN connection, you need to use a server address, and your username and password found in your Unlocator account under the VPN tab.

You can locate this page by following these steps:

  1. Go to "My Account"
  2. Locate the "VPN" tab in the bottom-left corner of the page

  • To view your Email and Password: Choose "VPN Account Info"

  • To view the server addresses: Choose "Server list"

You might want to keep these pages open so you could easily copy the info to be used in step 4.


Tap on “Settings"


Go to "General" and select "VPN"


Click on "Add VPN Configuration"


Tap on "Type" and choose "IPSec" and insert following:

  • Description: Unlocator VPN
  • Insert the URL for the desired server in Server address box. servers list See step 2
  • Account and password: Insert your email address and the password. See step 1
  • Insert strong>unlocator in secret box.
  • Tap on "Done".


Your “Unlocator VPN” Profile is Created. Enable VPN option and connect the VPN

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