How to Set Up Unlocator VPN "OpenVPN" manually on Windows 7

Find your Unlocator VPN account information
In order to set up an OpenVPN connection, you need to use a server configuration file, your username and password found in your Unlocator account under the VPN tab.
You can locate these pages by following these steps:
  • Go to My Account
  • Locate the VPN tab in the bottom-left corner of the page
  • To view your Email and Password: Choose VPN Account Info. visit this page
  • Choose the server that you want to use and click on TCP or UDP OpenVPN Configuration file and the download will start. visit this page
You might want to keep these pages open so you could easily copy the info to be used in step 13 and 16.

Go to OpenVPN Community Downloads and save the installer .exe file
Click on the installer .exe file to start the Setup Wizard.
Click Next
Click I agree
On the Choose Components screen, click Next
On the Choose Install Location screen, click Install
When you see the Installation Complete screen, click Next
You will see a message telling you that OpenVPN has been installed on your computer, then click Finish
Now we will configure the OpenVPN GUI with the Unlocator VPN Windows OpenVPN Configuration files we downloaded in step 1 During the installation process, an OpenVPN GUI shortcut was added to your Desktop. Right-click the "OpenVPN GUI" shortcut and click Open file location.
You are now in the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin directory. We want to go up one directory, to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN. Click OpenVPN in the Address bar to enter that directory
We now want to enter C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config. Double click the config folder to enter it.
Open UnlocatorVPN Windows OpenVPN Configuration files we downloaded See step 1. Select and copy all the files for the servers you wish to use, and paste them in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folder
Right-click on the OpenVPN GUI shortcut on the Desktop and choose Run as administrator to launch it, then, right-click on the OpenVPN GUI shortcut on the Desktop and choose Run as administrator to launch it.
Right-click the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray. Hover over your preferred VPN server, then click Connect
Enter your credentials. See step 1
You are now connected
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