How to Set Up Unlocator VPN "PPTP" Manually on Asus Router

Type in your browser, then use your router's login credentials (username, and password) to access your Asus control panel.
Go to the "VPN" tab in your left menu, then click on "VPN Client" in the top menu.
Click on "Add a Profile" to create a new profile.
For the setting fields, please use the following:
Description: UnlocatorVPN PPTP (or any other name of your choosing).
Username: your UnlocatorVPN username (email used to create your Unlocator account).
Password: your UnlocatorVPN password.
Auto-reconnection (if available): Yes.
PPTP Options: MPPE 128.
VPN Server: input the hostname of the server you are trying to connect to, servers list
Click "Ok" or "Save".
Click on "Activate", your router will now start the VPN connection.
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