How to use the affiliate link

No matter what savvy online marketing strategies you usually employ, there is only one-way affiliate marketers can monetize their campaigns — through affiliate links.

By joining the Unlocator you automatically become an affiliate and you can make money promoting Unlocator. For every user you refer to, which turns into a paying customer, you make a commission.

How Much Money Can I Earn as an Affiliate for Unlocator?

There is no limit as to how much money you can make with the Unlocator affiliate program. You get paid a percentage of every sale you bring in. Below is a chart showing the percentage for each of the subscription types. 

First Sale
Renewals (lifetime)

And because affiliate marketing is based on the concept of revenue sharing and publishers take a cut, affiliate transactions need to be identified and tracked with precision.

Therefore, Unlocator gives you a unique affiliate ID and this additional information is going to be added to the affiliate link in order to let the Unlocator know who gets credit for the sale.

As a result, affiliate links are comprised of Unlocator's URL and your ID.

What do Affiliate Links Look Like?

Affiliate Link Structure Example:

Where do I find it?

In your Unlocator account, you will find a unique URL. This is the URL you can use to promote Unlocator around the Internet.

Just go to your Unlocator account and navigate to Affiliate, you will find your affiliate URL under Your General Affiliate Link.

How to use Affiliate Links Correctly?

As soon as you have your exclusive affiliate link, you are practically all set to sprinkle it evenly throughout your content.

However, before you go ahead pasting links all over the place, better learn the best practices by heart. Here are some tips for you to optimize your own affiliate website and reap some SEO benefits from the affiliate links.

Add Anchors to Affiliate Links

Put affiliate links in the body of the article by making certain words or phrases clickable. Such a hyperlink would look much better than a bare link added to a page:
Try Hybrid

Which link looks better to you?

The contextual anchor is much more appealing — it’s clear, user-friendly and looks nice, in contrast to the bare link.

Make the anchor text of your affiliate link descriptive and relevant to the linked source, ex: "Try Hybrid", "Sign up with Unlocator", "Get anonymous IP with Unlocator". Your users should instantly understand where they will go once they click through.

Add Affiliate Links in WordPress

In WordPress, adding affiliate links is quite easy. Just log in, add a new post, and click on the “Insert link” button in WordPress editor.

Then, add your affiliate link and specify what description to use as the clickable text. You can also just match the part of your copy before you click on ‘insert link’ and then this part will become your anchor by default.

Once you do your edits, decide whether you want the affiliate link to open in a new tab or in the same tab. Remember that if you set it to open in the same tab, a user will leave your site. Therefore, I would suggest you always set the links to open in a new tab to avoid breaking up the session.

Add Affiliate Links to Clickable Images

Once you log in go into your WordPress panel, create a new post and click on Add Media button in the editor.

Once you add your graphic, click on it and open the image editor.

Next, change the display settings, so the visual leads to a custom URL instead of leading to a media file.

Finally, update the settings and preview your draft to see if your image leads to the right landing page, product page or any other preferred destination.

Add Affiliate Links Youtube videos

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and placing affiliate links in the actual videos (via annotations) or in video descriptions.

Here’s an example of a link in the video description:

And here’s one in an annotation (sometimes called an overlay):

Try not to center the overlay in the middle of your visual content so do not confuse or repel your viewers

Whatever methods you use, the objective is the same: redirect traffic to an affiliate landing page.

Affiliate Link with Custom Landing Page

Affiliate Landing Pages found in your affiliate section, allows you to assign any page or post to yourself as an affiliate.

Once you are assigned with a custom landing page, you can then promote the landing page’s URL without needing to use your affiliate link.

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