Why Can’t I Choose a Regional Unlocator Server?

Some DNS providers want to make you think it’s more efficient to have their customers choose from a list of regional DNS servers. So why does Unlocator not allow you such an option? Simply put it’s not the right way to do it and it’s nothing more than marketing jibber jabber.

We have several servers all around the world as well. However, the Unlocator network will automatically determine the server, which gives you the fastest DNS lookup based on advanced algorithms and networking protocols.

Simply choosing a DNS server based on physical distance is not the same as finding the fastest server from your location.

Remember back in the days when the car GPS would not take into account traffic conditions and roadwork and simply give you the shortest distance? Well, this is the exact same issue. If you don’t take into account the current traffic conditions of the Internet, then selecting the closest server is not always the right option.

Why the Unlocator DNS Servers are More Efficient

  • We have one set of IPs – Simple.
  • Unlocator will automatically send your traffic to the server with the fastest response time.
  • If one server goes down your traffic gets shifted to another server at once - automatically.
  • We can keep adding new servers to the setup and our customers don’t have to update IP. Once a new server is added you will automatically be using it if it’s more efficient from your location.
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