How to Set Up Unlocator Smart VPN on a Kindle

Please note that you will not get a new IP from using Smart VPN. Alternatively use our VPN apps instead. These will not only hide your IP and add encryption but also allow you to unblock all the channels supported by Smart DNS automatically. 

Log in to your Unlocator account and go to the Smart VPN tab
Here you will find your username and password for Smart VPN. Please note the password is different from your regular password used to log in to Unlocator.
Swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap Wireless.
Tap VPN and then tap + to add a VPN profile.
Enter your VPN profile information:
a. Name – The name of the VPN
b. Type – Select PPTP
c. Server Address – enter
d. PPP encryption (MPPE) - Select PPP encryption
Select Show advanced options
Under forwarding routes enter
Tap Save to create your VPN profile. Your VPN profile is saved and appears on the VPN screen.
From the VPN screen, tap the VPN profile.
Enter the username and password for your VPN, and then tap Connect. You will find the username and password in step 2.
Log in to your Unlocator account and verify that you have 3 green check marks.
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