How to Use Access Control to Block Google DNS on TP-Link Router

Navigate & Log in to the router (TP-Link TL-WDR4300) page .
Go to Access Control ==> Rule
a. Check Enable Internet Access Control & choose Deny the packets... & hit the Save button
Now go to the same page as in step 2 and click on the Setup Wizard button.
a. Quick Setup - Create a Host Entry
	i. Mode: MAC Address (as most people will have their Chromecast working on DHCP)
	ii. Host Description: Whatever you want, mine is Family Chromecast.
	iii. MAC Address: your Chromecast’s MAC Address that can be found on the original box or in your routers DHCP table: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.

b. Create an Access Target Entry
	i. Mode: IP Address
	ii. Target Description: whatever you want, mine is Google DNS Servers
	iii. IP Address: –
	iv. Target Port: 53<
	v. Protocol: UDP
c. Create an Advanced Schedule Entry<br>
	i. Schedule Description: Whatever you want, mine is Always block
	ii. Day: Everyday
	iii. Time: All day-24 hours

d. Quick Setup - Create an Internet Access Control Entry
	i. Rule Name: Whatever you want, mine is Block Chromecast DNS
	ii. The following should be each description of your host, target & schedule.
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