Turning Off Disney's Circle Go

Disney's Circle Go basically is a VPN service that allows parents to monitor and control their children's activities on various Internet-connected devices.

When you are connected to a VPN server, whether through Circle Go or any other service, Unlocator will not function properly. This is due to the fact that our system will not be able to detect your real IP address any longer.

In order for the Unlocator service to continue functioning properly, you will have to add the devices you wish to use Unlocator on to Circle's 'Unmanaged List'. See this guide for further instructions. Alternatively, you can turn off Circle Go altogether. Check this tutorial for more information.

Once done, please visit your Unlocator account and make sure your IP address is updated.

In case you are still having issues while using Unlocator, please verify that you are getting three green checkmarks in your Unlocator member's account. Then, restart your device and try again.

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