How to use an Automator Action to Auto Update Your IP on OSX

Please keep in mind this guide is presented as is. We don’t provide support for setting up this Automator account. Here is what the end result will look like. OS X will tell you each time your IP has been updated. Don't worry about the amount of steps - it's a fairly simple procedure to setup. 

First download the app Launch Control from here. Double click the downloaded file and move the resulting app to your applications folder.
Then download this Unlocator automation script from here. Unzip the script and move it to your applications folder.
Open the program Automator found in the applications folder on your Mac. 
From Automator open the Unlocator automation script you have just moved to your Applications folder.
Log in to your Unlocator account home and copy the API url
Go back to the Automator action you have opened. Add your API url under “Get Specified Urls”.
Save the Automator script by going to File > Save. You can quit Automator now.
If you want to test the Automator script simply double click it from your applications folder. You should get visual feedback with a notification (OS X 10.8+ required)
To automate the launch of the script in regular intervals open up the app Launch Control, which you downloaded earlier. 
Click the small plus on the lower left side to add a new job.
The job will be named local.job. Rename it to Unlocator.job and accept the warning about renaming.
Under “Program to run” copy paste without the quotes “/usr/bin/open -W /Applications/”
From the right hand panel drag in StartInterval
Default interval is 300 seconds meaning that the script will run every 300 seconds. Please don’t set the interval too low as we don’t want our server hit all the time. Also the visual notification from Automator might be irritating if you set the interval too often.
Now click the load button and accept save and load.

Now the Automator script will run every x seconds giving you visual feedback if your IP was added or if it already existed in your account. Please keep in mind that if you bring your computer to a different location the IP will keep updating, which might cause issues if a family member is using the same Unlocator account from home. To stop the script open up LaunchControl again and unload the job.

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