How to Set Up DNS on Western Digital Devices

Please note that Western Digital Players sold outside the US may not have the DRM chip needed to play certain content and other channels with protected content. Feel free to test Unlocator with your WD player, but bear mind that if your WD player has not been purchased in the US you might not be able to watch certain content on it.

Go to Settings > Network settings > Network setup and choose Automatic
Wait a while until the WD box has received IP address and other network settings from your router
Settings > Network settings > Network setup and choose Manual/dd>
Go down to DNS and input
Click Submit > Finish > OK
Restart the WD box

If your WD player does not show US apps please go Setup > System > Device reset > Reset All Settings Except Online Service Accounts. Run the reset and once the WD player has been setup again you should see US apps if you have a US WD player.

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