How to Easily Switch Between Network Profiles on OS X

Sometimes you perhaps need to turn off Unlocator for some reason. Instead of deleting Unlocator from your system you can instead make use of the Locations feature of OS X. With Locations you can save different network setting, which you can the easily switch between.

Open System Preferences > Network
Take note of the current name in the location drop down
Press the Location drop down and select Edit Locations
If you currently have your computer set up to use Unlocator then double click your current location and rename it to Unlocator
Click the + sign and make a new location called Normal

You now have 2 locations - one named Unlocator (using our DNS) and one named Normal (using your ISPs DNS). To swap between the two:

Click the location drop down and select the desired location.
Click the Apply button.
Either restart your computer or use this guide to clear DNS cache after having done a switch.
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